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I’m Reband Rashed, a former digital designer focused on digital transformation. Skilled in product design (UX/UI), project management, and communication, I have now transitioned into the world of horticulture.

With one foot in design, one in entrepreneurship and another in horticulture. I’m excited to explore the opportunities where holistic design principles integrates within the green sector.

Feel free to reach out for potential collaboration – maybe on how we can create a more efficient sustainable product, talk about soil, policys or sustainability and eco-friendly practices!

Me in a nutshell

Good health & well-being

I love creating and playing music. After a long day, I can pick up my guitar and play for what feels like minutes, but it often turns into hours. And don’t even get me started on the maintenance part of instruments—what a way to lose track of time!

Life on land

Nature has always been a central and enduring part of my life. As a child, the forest was my secret hideout, infusing my adventures with meaning and depth. Today, I’ve incorporated the arts of cultivation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship into this lifelong journey.

Responsible consumption & production

I derive most of my energy from moments when I have the opportunity to pamper my loved ones by cooking with ingredients from the garden and sharing a meal filled with discussions and creativity.

Work ethic

Design thinking
A design thinking mindset fosters creative thinking and emphasises understanding others in their daily life.

It enhance my ability to approach challenges systematically, collaborate effectively, persistently pursue innovation, have a be  problem-solving mindset, and to listen and learn from others.

Deep dive

Horticultural science

Currently studying horticulture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Follow my journey from seed to table.

Digital design

Selected projects from 2018-2022

I have over 8 years experience working with government agencies, start-ups, and large organisations. This has given me a humble understanding into organisational and team challenges.

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