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Art director / Front-End

Changi Consulting

The task involved designing of a new visual identity, server migration for stronger back-end and front-end development

Changi Consulting is a Salesforce consulting partner focusing on helping companies to accelerate, automate and optimize their sales, service & digital Marketing operations using Salesforce.

Credits: Art Director – Hanna viklund

The process

In order to get a taste of what the company goals we started with interviews with the stakeholders and the staff and asked them about, vision, ideas, features, expectations and frustrations. We concluded that the human communication to their clients in the automated world was one of the most important values for the company. This formed the projects mindset “Bring the Human Touch Back to The Digitalization”. This was a key step in our creative process and lay the foundation for the overall design further ahead.

To identify the requirements we started with a heuristic analysis to find the strength and weakness of the site. We concluded that the content strategy and the current design of the site was not on the same level and needed a full makeover. We presented our results together with three concepts that was based on interviews with the stakeholders and staff. This was an iterative process.

We wanted a refreshing, playful and down to earth feeling.

The client wanted a logotype with a symbol and after some research we found out that there is a legendary tree called Changi. Unfortunately, it has a dark story behind it, but the soul of nature is pure. We decided reintroduce it to the new century and let it grow with our client.

We wanted to put people in the center of the automated world. Happy, youth and future was our gudeliges.




Graphic Elements