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Art direction / UX

Mina Sidor (My pages)

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan) is a government agency in Sweden that administers social insurance in Sweden.

“My pages”  is the customers personal page and has 1.5 million monthly active users. The user can follow their specific governmental case. They can get an overview over decisions that has been made, see how much money they will receive, see the upcoming installment, future payments and history.

I redesigned and made Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) main service “My pages” responsive.

The mission was to increase the user experience by focusing on design changes to enhance the functionality and usability.

The User
The customer group that uses this service are of any gender, ages 18-60+ with a variety of social situation. The most common are; parents, people who have some sort of health problem, job seekers, people newly arrived to Sweden, students and people with disabilities. User research and personas was already defined before the project started.

Due the wide range of users – literally almost everybody in Sweden – a cornerstone in the development of the service was that both the design and the requirements followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  This was deeply rooted in our process and was continuously followed up by our usability experts.

The approach
Our goal was to increase the user experience by modernize and redesign the old version of the service -non responsive- to a responsive version. In order to accomplish this we started to collect and analyzing the previously documentation, user feedback from web surveys and the new project objectives and requirements to get a sense of a direction.

We started to ideate and visualize on whiteboard and due of the tight budget we could not conduct any usability testing so early in the stage. Most of our ideas was hypothetical which was tested internal and followed the requirements and feedback from users.

I sketched out rough interactions and interfaces, created frameworks and prototypes (UX-Pin,Invision) to help define new features, design principles to share the vision and content strategy. This helped to address ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making. For each feature phase, we went through cycles of requirements, consensus, approvals, detailed specs and handoffs. I also worked closely with stakeholders and developers to make sure that our ideas was within the scope and met the businesses requirements.

When we finally felt that we had a service that could be evaluated we conducted several test in the market the service would be used. I created high fidelity prototypes for both desktop and mobile and made them alive with Invision. The tests was made through A/B testing, to external partners who conducted usability tests. This helped us to predict the outcome of our solutions, to improve them with new iterations and be able to evaluate the service. 


User interface

A collection of the assets.


Used when presenting generall information
Used in detailed view and for interactions
Used in detailed view and for interactions
Used for notifying users


Framework used to box in and organize the information.


Final design and markups.

Works only for Swedish citizens